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Not sure what our definition of an ocean or harbour pool is but if you can do laps in it it is good enough for us.

Watson’s Bay Baths are gorgeous. The view over the harbour is quite spectacular including glimpses of the harbour bridge. It has been recently renovated as an Olympic sized harbour pool. We went mid week and there was very little life there, we had to talk to each other, maybe because it is on the pointy end of Sydney and you only get your “pointy end types”. Despite that we had a great time and it is really a beautiful spot.

There are two sections: a swimming area measuring approximately 50m x 45m and the outer pool is 50m x 14m.  This is also the pool where many of our parents generation learned to swim and still can thanks to the wonderful facilities for the disabled/elderly. Watsons Bay Baths has been a well loved and frequented fixture since 1905.

What struck us most was the wonderful disabled access and services provided. There are two fully immersible wheelchairs ( for those with a MLAK)  and a ramp leading into the water. There are also storage lockers with MLAK access as well. This is a fantastic resource to have and truly a find for anyone with a mobility issue who wants to experience a harbour pool in a safe and easy way. For the two Gs who are caring for older people and littlies the ease of access and gorgeous location makes this a real winner. In other visits here we have spotted sweet young things lolling  on the pontoons as well as seasoned swimmers doing laps.


We liked the underwater themed frieze on the northern wall, it gave the baths a warm friendly old fashioned feel to them. The frieze is a silhouette of local marine life and swimmers cut from bronze sheeting.The decorations were reminiscent of  Mrs G’s home pool in Maroubra circa 1970.

When we arrived it was high tide so there was really only the bench and decks to sit on, the beach itself is almost nonexistent except at low tide. When we left a few teenagers arrived to jump from the pontoons into the water.

Across the road are the Watson’s Bay Teagardens providing tables and chairs all shaded and with a good menu and coffee

There are showers and toilets provided across the road in the Teagardens but beware the showers are cold.

6 thoughts on “Watsons Bay Baths

  1. Hi Mrs G with initial S I went to Neilson Park every day when you were just 10-21 days old when I stayed at the Trisillian home – the historic cottage at the top of the hill in between nursing you!

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