Redleaf ( Murray Rose) Pool


Not so much a pool as a harbourside enclosure, Redleaf was renamed, Murray Rose Pool in honour of Olympic swimmer Murray Rose in August 2012 .

On a personal note Mrs G always smiles when she hears the name Murray Rose. About 10 years ago the eldest G child came home from swimming training to say that an old man had joined her squad. “He is a pretty good swimmer though for an old guy” she said. His name is something Rose. Oh! Mr G said “wouldn’t be Murray Rose by any chance would it”. “Yeh” she replied “that’s right how did you know?” Turns out, Murray was not so old, a fit 60 year old but to a 16 year old we guess that is “pretty old”.

Having said that, the 2 svelte Mrs G’s had a beautiful morning at Murray Rose pool. We seem to be talking more and swimming less. The “pool” is 90m long so we don’t have to do so many laps to cover the distance and it is an excellent pretend ocean swim. The water was clear and refreshing and we thoroughly enjoyed our swim. For the younger generation there are two pontoons in the middle of the pool to swim out to sunbathe on and jump off. There are always young kids laughing and jumping off them.


The youngest G child had his 14th birthday party there and it was an ideal spot for the somewhat over protective mothers to keep a watchful eye on the cavorting teenagers whilst maintaining a respectful distance and also minding the much needed food. Mrs G does recall on other visits Redleaf as a haunt for gorgeous oiled young men wearing tiny cossies  as well as a few ” plastic surgery” grandmas. The demographic of this pool is intriguing and is a real cross section of Sydney. The pontoon is also a refuge for the young lovers to escape to and Mrs G recalls swimming out with a young Miss G and Master G who had a great time clambering up to a  pontoon to interrupt a pair of serious lovebirds. Hee hee

Great food, overlooking the view of the harbour, with a good menu to choose coffee and brekkie under the deck. We discovered some lockers for $2 each for 2 hours. The showers are cold, the changeroom is old-  you have been warned!


Also it must be noted that this is not suitable for the disabled as access is only via stairs unlike Watson’s Bay Baths that we visited last week.



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