Postcard from MacMasters Beach

Mrs G and Mrs F along with 3 teens set off for a spring mini break – mother and son surfing trip. Master G needed to get up some hours on his L plates hence necessitating the presence of Mrs G to act as responsible adult. It is a pleasant two hour drive from Sydney, although probably less if you are able to go over 80km/hr!

The MacMasters Beach tidal pool is  about 30 m long and 10m wide with a  gorgeous outlook. On our swim it was populated by little people but quite swimmable and the water was a great temperature. There is easy access to the pool walking in the gently sloping sands. It was a good reason for Mrs  G to don the wettie and brave the spring waters of the Central Coast.



Just be aware that the toilets and showers are cold and run down. However, the café on the beach was fantastic with great food and coffee to feed hungry surf boys. The view is magnificent and we were visited by a number of kookaburras who were very happy to scoff chips from the café (clearly the food is  big hit for them too)!

Well worth another visit soon!

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