Parsley Bay Reserve



It was a bit chilly so the G’s wetsuited up, we hadn’t had a “wettie” for a while. There was a cold wind but the water was warm enough. Sadly there was no-one else there for us to talk to so we could not obtain any local gossip so our bralking involved our own complicated lives with teenage children and their antics.


The Parsley Bay enclosure is approximately 150m long by 95m wide, the swimming net is removed each winter to maintain water quality and allow for net maintenance.

The water was clean and spotted some marine life including a little stingray.

It is surrounded by the most amazing houses in the world looking down over the harbour and Parsley Bay itself, truly a millionaire’s playground. There is bushland surrounding the park and water so you get a feeling of isolation even though you are in the suburbs. The entry down the stairs has a lot of moss so you need to hold on but you can enter via the beach and swim out.

We have great memories of many Good Friday and Mother’s Day picnics at Parsley Bay with friends and family going back many years.  The Gs latest picnic being a few weeks ago on Good Friday where we were delighted to hear that fress1 was following our blog and the Gs lapped up all his compliments with humbled delight.


There is a kiosk which is open on weekends and holidays. The coffee sampled from previous occasions was very good.

The toilets are a little run down and the showers are cold. There is a lovely playground for the kids and a little beach for playing along with a huge grassed area for picnics and ball games but leave you furry friend at home, dogs are not allowed.



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