Northbridge Baths

The day started as warm and cloudy with black threatening clouds but a plan is a plan so the Gs headed North for an excursion.

Unfortunately we headed the wrong way and ended up at Willoughby Leisure Centre. A great centre but not an ocean or harbour pool. Always ready for a chat the Gs met up with some lovely local girls (women) who directed us to their destination.

Approaching Northbridge Baths  was like entering a secret wonderland. In many ways it reminded the Gs of Parsley Bay passing through the amazing multimillion dollar houses and bushland. With cockatoos above swooping and chatting (or was that the Gs prattling on?) it was certainly another world.

photo-271photo 2

There was a free carpark which on a weekday was empty, but we suspect is busy on the weekend. There is easy access to the Baths via a ramp down to the Marina. This would suit those with strollers or even wheelchairs too.

It is best to visit the Baths at high tide so the Gs entered via the stairs to a play swimming area before heading to the roped off lanes. As we gingerly made our way into the water we encountered masses of reasonably sized fish. After a google search we think they were possibly bream. Whatever they were they were very interested in Mrs Gs blue toenails. They seemed to swarm around and look at them- we know they were not piranha as we both have our feet intact!


The pool is fantastic for lap swimming and there are 8 x 50m lanes just like an Olympic pool but in the Harbour. With the early autumn weather, the water was clear and a warm 22 degrees.The Gs could easily understand why Northbridge Amateur Swimming Club is held there. Maybe we could join!

photo-269photo 5northbridge7photo-270

Seriously this is an amazing place for kids. There is a little beach to play on, a deck to walk on, a picnic and BBQ area. The  shallow swimming area is ideal setting for toddlers and their parents to enjoy. Ramp access into the pool is also a bonus for those with mobility issues.

photo 3photo 2northbridge2

The toilets were surprisingly good even though there was no hot water in the showers for us.

The café is only open Saturdays when the swimming club is on so the Gs had no choice but to head to Northbridge plaza!

2 thoughts on “Northbridge Baths

  1. Hey ! This is supposed to be Sydney’s best kept secret. It was my and my diblings” backyard during the 40’s, 50″s and 60’s. I was a junior champion freestyler and my sister Pauline a jumior champion diver c.1951. It forms the backdrop for many of our family photos.. Glad you enjoyed your day there !

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