North Sydney Olympic Pool

Winter in Sydney can be beautiful but for wimps like the Gs the seawater at 16C is too cold and much to  dismay of the Gs  inside to the heated pools has been the go.

Today however, the Gs found a gem, out in the sun and over the Bridge- the fabulous North Sydney Olympic Pool. Awaiting us was a 9 lane 50m salt water pool heated to 25c- what more could satisfy a G?? Clear water and just enough warmth for us to flex our training muscles and appreciate the special ambience of this uniquely situated landmark.


We didn’t ask but we were served up the most amazing views in the world. On occassion the Gs have been found to be bralking (breast stroking and talking) but today we were bawking (backstroke gawking)  Gsbackstroked looking up at the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge you could see the flag waving in the wind and the tourists climbing the bridge. The harbour sparkled and the sky was blue without a cloud. For a Sydney winter’s day even the Gs couldn’t complain too much.

photo 2IMG_7651


The pool itself has a glorious retro feel with Art Deco walls and sculptures throughout and the sight of Luna Park rising in the background. These features are a wonderful link to the pool’s historic opening in 1936 and its use for the 1938 Empire Games.

photo 3 photo 1

In addition to the Olympic Pool, the complex also includes an indoor heated 25 m pool and gym, sauna and spa as well as an outdoor toddlers pool. Poolside there is plenty of room to sunbathe and chill on the adjacent chairs.

photo 1                                            photo 2

Parking nearby was plentiful and expensive and we were pleasantly surprised with a refund of the full amount that could be obtained if we paid by credit card and stayed under 2 hours. Our only gripe is that we had to pay extra for hot water.The value like many pools increases if you buy bulk admissions. 


This is a unique icon amongst a stunning Sydney backdrop and well worth many more visits by the Gs !




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