Nielsen Park



Neilsen Park is located at Greycliffe Ave, Vaucluse, not far from the famous Vaucluse and Strickland houses and the end of the Heritage harbour walk.

Surrounded by glorious shady parklands, stately heritage buildings this enclosed Harbour pool has a lot of offer most swimmers as well as picnickers.

The Gs swam in mid March and the water temperature was just perfect. There are stunning views across to the Harbour and all manner of vessels to see. The water was clean with some marine life. On our visit we managed a bralk as well as have a decent swim and with the choppy conditions on the day it is worth a visit again for the potential to work on our distance for upcoming ocean races.  The beach is approximately 150m long which is great for ocean swimming practice. Seriously it is a very safe environment to get that more authentic practice in when you are on your own.

The Gs have strong memories of paying to go to Nielsen Park as young girls and being given a piece of red wool to tie around our swimming costume as proof of payment then running through the tunnel down to the promised land of the beach. The tunnel is still there and as you walk through, you see the lovely glistening of the blue harbour ahead of you.


It is a great place for young families as far as a beach goes it is very calm, families can picnic on the grass or play in the sand below. Visits by other Gs include the young Master Gs jumping off the rocks with teenage buddies and the youngest Master G surfing there in big swells. These adventures do not delight the Mrs Gs and are noted but not recommended!

The change rooms are just as we remember them and they were OLD back in the 1970s having been built in 1932. Rustic white painted wooden structures, historic or just plain run down! Cold showers and no roof- and it really lets down a beautiful venue by not having a chance for a decent place to shower or change afterward.

The parking  is usually OK during the week along Greycliffe Ave however we found it difficult to park. Weekends demand nerves of steel and some strategic manouvering in order to secure good parking.

As usual the Mrs Gs ended their swim with coffee but were very disappointed.

The coffee from the kiosk was awful – there is no other way of saying it. In previous visits the food from the kiosk  was fine so being charitable maybe it was a bad day for the barista!

Ending in a positive way as the Gs like to  do, Nielsen Park has a charm of its own and the abundance of old trees, stunning scenery and with views onto Sydney Harbour means that you could set up camp and make a day of it with a full on picnic and walk and swim.

 For detailed and up to date information on Nielsen Park.

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