Mrs G’s Secret Spot

Spring has sprung and we are raring to go. Whilst walking along a deserted coastal pathway in Watson’s Bay Mr G discovered Mrs G’s secret spot. Bursting with excitement Mrs G showed the other Mrs G who can’t wait to share it with her husband. Although the G’s have not yet taken the plunge in they are keen to experience this amazing spot.

We are not sure that we are ready to reveal to the world the exact position of our secret spot but the pool sits in the harbour and is an amazing, naturally formed rock pool. It is about 15m long, 1 m deep and 3 m wide and only full at high tide, so check your tidal information before heading out. As you can see it varies a lot between at high and low tide.



Being an isolated secret spot you need to walk down to Watson’s Bay for a coffee and head around the corner for toilets but it is not far and a pleasant walk.


Today we took the plunge.

It was a little cold so we had to wear a wettie but great swim, not quite the usual kilometre but it could easily be done in such a fabulous surrounding. It was quite spectacular to bralk in the harbour and see the city skyline, Centrepoint tower is clearly visible but only the tip of the harbour bridge can be seen behind the bushland. Not sure what was more stimulating the conversation or the view, we had a wave to the passing ferries and felt totally revitalised.

t                                                 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      IMG_1545

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