IMG_0879IMG_0884IMG_0878OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMalabar Ocean Pool is located in Long Bay directly below Randwick Golf Club on Bay Parade, Malabar.

The Gs had a serene and beautiful swim at Malabar pool. The pool was clean and clear with lots of fish and marine life to observe, giving it an authentic feeling. The length of the pool is about 30m which is quite good for training but with no marked lanes and a mass of marine life to observe, one of us swam straight into a gentleman earnestly doing his laps which made for a slightly embarrassing situation. There are expansive views across to the rifle range, beach and Long Bay giving it a very isolated feeling and like Mahon pool it is very much a local hang out.

There are no toilets at the pool just an outdoor shower and it is a decent walk to the proper changing facilities at Malabar Beach.  From an access point of view, there are stairs and a ramp leading into the pool which is great for anyone with a mobility issue. Nana L is a recent convert to the joys of swimming at Malabar and not only feels great but can access the pool easily even with arthritic hips and knees!

This is not our first visit to Malabar. Last year the Mrs Gs raced in the Malabar Magic Ocean race renamed in honour of swimmer and supporter, Murray Rose, the Murray Rose’s Malabar Magic Ocean Swim given our love of the bralk ( talk and breastroke combined) we half expected to be yelled at by the organizer to finish the race. Of course, we only managed the 1 km swim but maybe with a bit more training from Andre at Oceanfit we can make the 2.4km next year.

We also had another adventure in Malabar a year or so back. Following Sydney’s harbour and Ocean walks book we dragged our husbands on a walk from Malabar to Maroubra. Now the guidebook was from Maroubra to Malabar but we figured we would do it the other way for some reason. The views were magnificent and the walk was beautiful until we noticed the signs below.

malabar rifle range 2 malabar rifle range

We didn’t know until the end that we had walked right through the rifle range, horrified by our misdemeanour we raced out of there as fast as we possibly could. Bullet anyone? This may have led to our decision to give up the walks and take up ocean swimming, it seemed the safer option.

We finished our Malabar swim with a great coffee and bite at the Beach Café down the road, a return visit is definitely recommended.

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