Mahon Pool

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Mahon pool is located at just north of Maroubra Beach at the base of Jack Vanny Reserve off Marine Parade.

Today we had to resort to bralk stroke (breast stroke talking). Mahon pool although authentic and beautiful had many blue bottles.


With bralking we were able to watch out for potential stingers, which is not so easy with the more professional ocean swimming style. Whilst bralking, I was reminded of my Aunts who came to Mahon pool every morning religiously for over 20 years. Aunty Thelma (aka Aunty Snakeskin) and Aunty Nita enjoyed Mahon pool for many years. Every morning they would come down for a quick dip and a long sunbake. As I relayed this story to the others Mrs G whilst bralking I was horrified to think that at 50 we are more than half way there. Shock,  horror, are we the new Aunty Snakeskin and Aunty Nita? No…it’s simply not possible, the Gs of 2013 mirror the spirit of the aunties but modestly we would like to think we are a little more glam! That being said, we can see ourselves in floral bathing caps (matching of course) and cozies with little skirts in the future!

Lots of friendly locals here to chat with, including one robust lady who has been coming here every day of the year since she was little and now relies on the pool for rehab for a back problem. This is clearly very much a local hangout and the rustic change rooms, toilets and lack of coffee mean at this point it is less of a destination for the beautiful people. Our local informant told us that there are plans for a decent coffee shop and possibly an upgrade to the bathrooms etc so watch this space. The bathrooms really do need an upgrade this didn’t stop the men hanging around outside the showers for their chit chat and coffee overlooking the ocean not unlike the blokes do in Greece just letting time go by.


After conversations with more locals it appears the bluebottle problem at both Coogee and Mahon pool only occurs when there is a north easterly.  There is an iphone app with tidal information and you can check this before venturing out to ensure you don’t have to face the beastly blue bottles.

The pool itself is 30m long and there is there is marine life to see, the temperature was beautiful and if not for the pesky blue bottles we would have swum for much longer. The rocks have interesting formations and the stairs are of natural rock in some places so much more of an authentic feel that the cool icebergs.


2 thoughts on “Mahon Pool

  1. Another brilliant entry by the Mrs Gs! Will definetely want to swim there soon… But maybe only after they open the coffee shop!

  2. Just tried it, very barnacle-ish, a nice seaweed feel and the big advantage I’m thinking is there’s no weekly cleaning day like at Bronte with it’s throng of crestfallen poolgoers silently watching the councils guys and thinking what’s wrong with a little sea schmutz. There was the love circle of half submerged Fijian Arnold Schwartzenegger impersonators in one corner of the pool, I think the same bunch of guys that hang at Bronte after 9pm doing bellybusters off the cliff recreating that wave that turned the boat upside down in The Poseidon Adventure. Soon Coogee! Thank you Mrs Gs.

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