Maccallum Pool

Neighbourhood Hangout- Third time lucky

This is the third time the G’s tried to swim here. The first two times it was green and unwelcoming so even though we are not princesses we aborted the mission. We then became a bit smarter and checked the North Sydney Council cleaning schedule. It was not sparkling but 2 days after cleaning it was good enough for two tough birds like us. The pool is closed every week to 10 days for cleaning as it is fed directly from the harbour. Our tip would be always to check the website for the cleaning schedule prior to visiting.

photo 2IMG_6158photo 2photo 3

Its signage reflects its art deco origins in the 1920s starting with the keen locals who enlarged the original rockpool. There is a timber deck on the harbourside of the pool which makes a great spot to sunbake for those who are still sunworshippers, a nice area to stroll or loll. We saw quite a few gorgeous young ones as well as locals and some old ex lifesaver looking blokes.For those like us who are slowly becoming older and wiser and a bit more sun conscious there is plenty of shade where you can sit and stare at the spectacular harbour view.

You can park easily in 2 hour spots at Milson St Cremorne and wander down the hill past the parklands to this delightful harbour pool. Its approximately 25 metres in length and fairly narrow about 2 lanes worth and runs from 0.9 m in depth to about 1.7m.

photo 1IMG_6153

The plusses to this pool are its stunning location, relaxed neighbourhood vibe and as it is shallow throughout swimmers of all ages and walkers can experience the water. Access is via steps or a ladder so its good for oldies and littlies to get in safely.


The Gs made friends with some adventurous visiting Scots who were enjoying something different whilst coming to Sydney. They were impressed and this would be a nice alternative to showcase a safe Sydney pool to other overseas visitors (particularly if they were not confident swimmers).

There are no facilities not even a toilet and only an outdoor shower for rinsing off and definitely no coffee – it is byo. Having said that the Cremorne Point Wharf is not far and there is a small coffee shop there. For future excursions you could catch a ferry to Cremorne Point Wharf and bring a picnic to have afterwards.

As usual the G’s had a lot of fun


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