Greenwich Baths

Mrs RG was so excited she rang her daughter straight away. Finally they had found a “beach” suitable for her Melbourne son-in-law. Lots of shade and lounge chairs so you didn’t get all that disgusting sand on you. A beach that is not a beach


It was the perfect spot for small children too with toys freely available to be shared amongst visiting toddlers. On the Gs visit there, there was a handful of toddlers and mums relaxing, playing in the water, on the sand and chatting.

IMG_1591               photo-21

Greenwich Baths   comes under the G definition of ocean and harbour pools as it an enclosed area. Greenwich Baths sits on the end of Greenwich point and is a 2 minute walk from the ferry. From the beach you can see stunning harbour views including one a G  favourite Cockatoo Island,  Centrepoint Tower and the CBD skyline lie off to the south east. We guesstimated in length it was over 50m so a good length for some serious swimming if you wanted to do it. Unfortunately the Gs are only bralking at the moment due to Mrs RGs rotator cuff but that wont stop these 2 Mrs Gs having a great time and endless hours of talking and enjoying all summer Sydney has to offer. The water was not particularly clean in that there was quite a bit of debris and we spotted one harmless jellyfish. As well as beach access there is a ramp leading straight into the pool for people with disability issues.

IMG_1597                                        IMG_1589                                                 IMG_1590

The bathrooms are in the process of an upgrade and we believe hot water will be coming soon. The bathrooms have been recently repainted and look clean.


Greenwich baths sits in a residential area so there are no coffee shops close by but within the baths is a little coffee shop selling lots of food for toddlers as well as you usual ice creams etc. The coffee wasn’t great but the guy there was lovely and gave us an extra shot to make it stronger. He was extremely obliging.

IMG_1584           photo-22

A bonus fun activity offered by the baths is movie night. They have a big screen set up for the kids to come along, dress up, have dinner and a jumping castle and watch an old favourite. The next movie coming up is a G girl favourite – the Little Mermaid.

greenwich 001

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