Fairy Bower Pool


It had been a while since the Gs had an outing and a sunny March day (after lots of Sydney rain) was just the opportunity to head over the Bridge to the delightful Fairy Bower Ocean Pool , in Cabbage Tree Bay in Manly. It was like going on a mini holiday partly because the blue shutters, white washed walls and cute cafes at the end of Bower Lane gave the area a quaint Greek village feel.

This small triangle shaped pool constructed by local residents in 1929 is located half way on the walk between Manly and Shelly Beach.

The concrete base was is a little slippery making the walk and talk stroke a bit difficult. On our visit the water was a beautiful temperature, clean and clear.

Access is great down a newly built set of steps with a handrail at

the shallow end as well as a small ladder at the deep end. We

estimated that is was about 30m long.


We enjoyed a quick dip

here and on our visit saw someone having swimming lessons in it.

The pool appears best suited for kids as well and splashing about

rather than lap swimming. There was a group of people doing a diving course off the rocks near the pool which added to the atmosphere.

For sunlovers there are adjacent rocks to loll on, read and watch the sea or people watch.  We saw a lovely young man imitating “The sunbather” by Anne Zahalka

Nearby there is a change room and toilet

but no shower- you need to walk down to Manly Beach for more

complete facilities.


For more serious swimming in the surf Shelly Beach is a few

minutes walk down the path and a great swim. Mrs G, Mrs B and

Mrs L have braved the rollicking crowds at other times to do the

wonderful Cole Classic starting at Shelly Beach.

Some pluses were the location – lots of cafes and great art

deco buildings with old world ambience close by. As opposed to the

other pools we have visited this is very much in the public eye with

its proximity to the walkway.


The other point of interest is the quirky public artworks embracing

the rocks and on the pool. We really loved the wonderful curvy

sculpture at the pool “ Oceanides” by Helen Leete which forms a stunning arch at the edge of the pool.

This little urban treasure is well worth another visit coupled with

lunch and a ferry trip to make a great day out!!

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