Dee Why

The first Mrs G adventure for this summer took us Northside to the delightful Dee Why rockpoools. It was a refuge from the hot humid and stormy weather that has left Sydney sweating and grumpy. With views across the beach and beyond it was an inspiring start to our week.

photo 5photo 2

There are two main pools here – a fifty metre lap pool and a smaller bright blue pool for the littlies to splash in. There is also a smaller rockpool around the corner as well.

photo-245 photo 3photo 1photo 3

There is lots of room to sunbathe too- you can leave your stuff on the steps nearby or just hang on the rocks and find an isolated spot to read and relax.


We loved the easy access to the fifty metre lap pool – a long ramp to walk in. It was hard to see in the water- there were black lines on the bottom of the pool but the lane ropes were not in place at our swim. Mrs G had a minor bingle with a French man who was training for a triathlon. Despite his protests ( wimp) he seemed to fare pretty well – so did the robust Mrs G who powered on. Considering all the storms the water was pretty clear and it was a good swim.

photo 2

The change facilities are nearby- cold showers and bathrooms. On our visit – it looked a little dirty. You can also have a cold shower outside to rinse off.


The other pluses for Dee Why include good parking, a nearby park (for G grandbabies ). There is a cafe 100m up the walkway which we will go back and sample at length next time. A little further on it is a foodies delight with many cafes lining the main street.


There was a lovely local vibe here with everyone being very appreciative of the opportunity to cool off from the steamy heat. This beach would have something to offer everyone as according to our local surfing contact the waves are pretty good too- Master G could make it a boy’ s own surfing adventure.


Like Shwarzenegger – we will be back!



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