We love Clovelly. The Beach itself is like a big marine pool because it lies inside a narrow bay which has been concreted on either side. A breakwater at the mouth of the bay provides protection and usually a calm swimming environment but don’t be fooled, sometimes it can be like a real whirlpool . We have done the TamaCloey race twice now and the first year  it was literally like a washing machine in there.
The beauty of Clovelly beach is that when it is pool-like there is a mass of  marine life you can see. They have a resident blue groper as well as schools of other fish. It is a fun cheap (free) trip for tourists to go snorkelling too. The concrete platforms are particularly popular with the elderly whilst the young families prefer the beach and for those practising their ocean swimming, it is the ocean with a safe feel about it.
The pool is built into the concrete platform and is 25m with marked lanes and good for laps. You will often see the local footballers walking the pool as part of their training as well as the older ladies walking up and down chatting in groups. Swimmers usually take to the beach unless it is rough.
There are lots of friendly locals here, oldies who look like they are part of the scenery and families with littlies who are always up for a chat with the Mrs Gs. There are no lockers here so lock up your valuables or ask a someone to mind your bag- they are usually willing. Other pluses here are the proximity to a playground, calm beach and  the location being midway on the superb trail from Coogee to Bondi so you could do a swim at the end of one of your meanders.
If you want to venture into the beach there are ladders leading into the water particularly good for the disabled.
The Gs have been known to get themselves gingerly into the water when its cold and and linger for quite a while before plunging in. This is a sentimental place as this is the first place our lovely wetsuits were trialled and even though a more hardy man made us feel like wusses we had no problem being a little warmer!
The beach is patrolled in summer:
Summer (daylight saving) 8:30 am to 6:00 pm  and (non-daylight saving) 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
No entry fee it is public beach, yay!
There is a café/ restaurant called Seasalt looking down at the beach and is excellent, you an also get take away from the kiosk next door.
The showers and toilets look nice but they smell funny. I have been there many times and they always have the same bad smell which is a little off putting maybe it is just the disinfectant they use I cant place it but I don’t like it.
The beach has parking, on the weekend they ask for a small donation to the surf life-saving club there is always the option of nearby streets but the life savers do a good job so we are happy to donate a gold coin for a good parking spot.
There is a a timber ramp on the northern side of the beach that leads straight into the water providing easy access to the water for the disabled
So go try out Clovelly you will love it.

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