Chiswick Baths

The Gs were inspired to head off on another adventure after last weeks lecture on harbour pools and the exhibition of artwork by Marina Bishop.

Mrs SG spoilt herself buying one of Marina’s works as a birthday present to herself It included a lino block prints of Murray Rose PoolParsley Bay , Neilsen ParkWatson’s Bay BathsWylie’s and Chiswick Baths.

Chiswick was the only one that had not been blessed with a G visit. So along with a new member of the team but a very, very old friend, Mrs B, we made it our mission to visit.

Mrs SG and Mrs B chose the slower and more scenic route to find the pool by  taking the Parramatta Rivercat and experiencing Sydney Harbour in all its early morning magnificence! Access via car was for Mrs RG who parked near by.


The pool is a few minutes walk from the ferry wharf through a harbourside park. The baths themselves are about 25m across. On our visit it was almost low tide leaving a small beach. Despite being a beautiful sunny day we were not inspired to swim. The water was a bit murky post summer storms and the low tide seemed to make it less inviting. Nevertheless we could see the beauty that it could be with clear water and high tide. It was totally deserted when we were there except for a council worker in the park.

Facilities include a Tiley (half toilet ) with no seat. There was a lovely park above the baths with some picnic seats and a BBQ area that looked quite clean. We think it probably was a good secret local hangout –  you could chill on the grass read a book and keep a eye on frolicking littlies. It does have a lovely outlook.


However, we were desperate for a real swim and headed to Drummoyne Pool and lapped away. Drummoyne Pool is similar to North Sydney and Boy Charlton, being salt water heated and  on the harbour’s edge and although not a “natural” body of water just magnificent.