Bronte Baths

Splash and Drama

seb bronte         seb bronte sunrise


Above photos by Seb Ruiz

 One Mrs G arrived a little agitated about the parking – close by you have a choice of 1hour for $5.80 on a meter or $15 for a day. That’s it. We later discovered that further away there is parking for longer but we don’t think it would be a good idea to go to Bronte Beach on the weekend unless you caught the bus. The bus actually is a great option as it stops literally on the doorstep.

After having arrived a little hot and bothered, the water washed away all our woes. The pool itself was a refreshing and pleasant experience that lifted our mood and we felt great. The water was a little cold but what do you expect, it is still early in the season one Mrs G still wore her favourite item of clothing – her short wetsuit.

The Gs enjoyed a choppy time at the wonderful Bronte Baths this week. The pool is 30m long for lap swimmers with marked lanes so for those pretend ocean swimmers like us you can have a decent swim with the waves rolling in and make believe you are really in the ocean. In the shallow end there is a separated kids area to splash and giggle.


The pools are separated by a wooden post in the middle so that there is a clear division between the splashers and the more serious swimmers. The bar would also provide a solid anchor for those rehabilitating from an injury to use to exercise.

We saw some high frolicking delight of little boys and their teacher hanging on to the pool rope for grim life as high tides splashed over the side of the pool. The locals on our visit also included great old brown blokes in saggy speedos and some mums and kids.

This pool is concreted with lanes marked on the bottom so good lap swimming is possible. Even though it was very wild at Bronte Beach the pool was very swimmable with a few exciting moments. The Gs appreciated getting some ocean swimming practice in more difficult conditions and of course proved our worth yet again!

The Bronte Baths have had a long association with the local community. Their history goes way back to 1883 with Waverley Council approving the construction of the and opening around 1887.  At this time the pool was leased to one Harry Wylie in 1895 ( father of Mina Wylie who went on to achieve Olympic greatness.) Harry then moved onto Coogee and built the baths there- now known as Wylies. Bronte baths claims that the “Australian crawl” or freestyle as we know it today was first made famous in the Bronte pool.In more recent times, the heritage value of the Bronte Baths has been recognized by the National trust, pool has had big upgrade in 2006 and said now to be more resembling of its 1897 origins.

After completing our massive swim it was time to check out the showers. An even more pleasant surprise. Hot water yay! And no charge.

Then, coffee time, I would say coffee and gossip time but we have managed to swim and gossip for an hour already, so coffee time with more gossip. There are tons of fabulous little cafes in Bronte each one better than the next serving a variety of salads, coffee, fresh juices. You name it, this is where the “beautiful people”  hang out.

Don’t forget the famous Bronte kids train. It has been around as long as we can remember on a weekends in summer. There is also a huge park for ball games, play and dogs .


All in all, an  awesome place but leave the car behind.

Our wonderful friend Dave is now loving Bronte pool and all that it can offer and has his own special insights and hilarious blog on  the benefits of ocean swimming for the ‘mature’  male !


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