Bondi Icebergs

Winter Update

The winter season has started. Icebergs is now only open to members on a Sunday morning and is closed all day Thursday for cleaning. This meant a lonely Mrs G had to do her laps between the flags at Bondi today. Never fear there was a massive school of good sized fish accompanying her ( 30cm long by 10cm wide clear and white in colour).The water temperature was an amazingly warm 21C for this time of year but to be on the safe side she doned a wettie


seb icebergs


 photo above by Seb Ruiz

The Bondi Icebergs is the only licensed Winter Swimming Club in the world.” 

Location, location, licebergs rough1ocation! Like the piece of prime real estate that it is at Notts Ave, Bondi Beach  Icebergs is a gleaming star of a pool. Steeped in history dating back to 1929 with a long tradition of iced water swimming in winter.  This is a multi purpose facility including a bistro, café, gym, yoga on the deck,and massage.  . There is also a Twitter feed and pool camera to keep you updated on changing conditions hourly- how clever!

This is a place to be seen and the cool Mrs G’s  enjoy the fun of gasbagging with the great old blokes who hang out during the week in their saggy speedos and make us feel like eye candy to basking in the sun with  the gorgeous poseurs of the weekend crowd. Like chameleons we fit in everywhere particularly if wearing our new wetsuits which are not just for warmth but also controlling wobbly bits and also a great disguise. Not surprisingly in such a chic environment we often find there are French speakers hanging about, we even caught 2 young French girls copying our swimming stroke – the bralk. Maybe it will take off as an olympic sport.

White is everywhere, we assume replicating icebergs –  the building, the rocks, the pool and of course the teeth of the beautiful people! We did not spot any celebs but we feel this is the place to find them and the website attests to a long association with visiting sporting teams so we will be on the lookout on future visits.

There are 2 pools –  one for laps and a shallow one for children and walkers. The smaller pool is also handy for Mrs G’s exercise regime following a hip injury and facilitates some “ rehab and talking time” thus allowing her to tell her physio truthful tales of “ hard slog in the pool”.

As a swim, we find its best in the slow lane of the Olympic sized pool where, you can swim  and  of course talk. We have perfected the art of chatting to each other as we swim thereby taking up most of the lane. Probably not good form but so far, we have avoided any real pool rage from the others. On our many visits the pool is usually clean and a lovely swim giving us the opportunity for some ocean swimming practice without being out in the open.


On a more practical note, the cost is $5.50 for casual swimmer and importantly be aware that the pool is closed on a Thursday morning for cleaning. Lockers are available and good to use too. Mrs G has perfected the art of hiding her key in her  tampon container and we did see someone who had ingeniously attached it to the strap of her speedos. You do learn something everyday!  The showers are just the right temperature with no costs for a decent flow of hot water.  There is a small shaded area near the kid’s pool and on the deck and most swimmers hung out on the steps and sunbaked there. There are steps and  ramp to access the main complex and the pool so there is some help for those with mobility challenges.

The café has a limited menu however great coffee, baguettes on the deck and a great view of Bondi and beyond makes for a stunning finish to the swim.

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