Update on Wylies

The G’s have been a bit apprehensive about Wylie’s because of the bluebottles but today Mrs G took the plunge and dived into Wylie’s and it was well worth it. Not only were there absolutely no bluebottles but the water was clear and sparkling. There were lots of gorgeous little fish and one big groper. By groper we do not mean the sleezy human variety but a magnificent big blue groper fish. He was simply majestic. The kids were diving down with their goggles and people were taking photos with their go pros as he swam along happily. I am told he will be returned to the ocean shortly so if you get a chance to see him you won’t be disappointed. By the the way I was told female gropers are green and males blue. He also had everyone at the pool chatting about him. 10/10 for Wylies today.